Hot Spot Education – Hall 4.2

Hot Spot Education 2014 49722

Leveraging the business of learning

The Hot Spot Education brings together buyers and suppliers from the fields of innovative teaching and learning aids, serious and educational games, digital whiteboards, education software and e-learning solutions.

Digitisation is long since a day-to-day reality in the field of education. Focused solely on digital providers and digital contents for the education sector, the Hot Spot Education provides a highly visible platform for presenting new products and projects.

Hot Spots

Who exhibits here?

  • Developers and providers of innovative educational content, such as interactive learning and whiteboard software
  • Suppliers of innovative teaching and learning concepts, such as online learning tools, mobile learning, e-learning solutions, web applications
  • Serious games developers and publishers
  • Solution providers for teaching individuals with special educational needs
  • Technology providers for schools, universities, and community platforms
  • Service providers and consultants in the educational sector

Any questions?

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